Stop AIDS Alliance releases position paper for fully-funded global AIDS response as outcome of 2016 High Level Meeting on AIDS

May 4, 2016

Stop AIDS Alliance has prepared an advocacy briefing paper to inform partners about the crucial opportunity of the 2016 High Level Meeting on AIDS to mobilize the political and financial resources needed to bring an end to AIDS by 2030. At the same time the briefing paper is a tool for engaging in global, regional and country-level negotiations to influence the High Level Meeting outcomes.

According to UNAIDS a rapid scale-up of essential HIV prevention and treatment could avert 21 million AIDS-related deaths and 28 million new HIV infections. If the global community does not act to end the epidemic by 2020, levels could return to those seen ten years ago. 

Stop AIDS Alliance believes it is crucial to advocate at the global level for an High Level Meeting Outcome Document that commits to:
A fully-funded global AIDS response, including increased investment in human rights interventions, around one quarter of all resources allocated to combination HIV prevention, and a scale-up of community responses to build resilient and sustainable systems for health. 

The advocacy briefing paper is available for download.

Stop AIDS Alliance is the global policy and advocacy partnership between Aids Fonds-STOP AIDS NOW! and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.