STOP AIDS NOW! aims to expand and enhance the quality of the Dutch contribution to the AIDS response in developing countries. We intend to halt the AIDS pandemic and its consequences. STOP AIDS NOW! is an independent and partnership-driven organisation.

Our focus

 STOP AIDS NOW! offers care, treatment and income opportunities to those affected by HIV and AIDS, and supports prevention initiatives. STOP AIDS NOW! operates at the crossroads of fighting poverty, eliminating exclusion, and responding to the AIDS epidemic in countries with a generalised epidemic. We particularly focus on women, youth, and children, the severest affected groups. At the same time, we encourage the inclusion of other groups, such as sex workers, injecting drug users, and men who have sex with men.

Our strategy

 To achieve our objective of expanding and enhancing the AIDS response in developing countries STOP AIDS NOW!:

  • Embraces a learning by doing approach
  • Shares knowledge and expertise
  • Uses local level results to influence international policies and governments.

We collaborate with hundreds of local non-governmental and community-based organisations, governments, universities, and the general public. Read more about our strategy 

Our mission

 STOP AIDS NOW! works together towards a world without AIDS. 

Our themes

 The work of STOP AIDS NOW! focuses on six main themes: