Annual Report

As per 1st of December 2016, STOP AIDS NOW! has gone forward as Aidsfonds. Working together for some time and within one organisation, STOP AIDS NOW! and Aids Fonds joint forces in one brand. Due to this we do not yet have a joint annual report. At this page you will find the 2015 annual reports of both STOP AIDS NOW! and Aids Fonds.

In 2015 STOP AIDS NOW! projects ensured that, among other things:

  • over 275,000 people are on antiretroviral therapy
  • 1.4 million people had an HIV test
  • four million young people have access to condoms
  • 200,000 young people received sex education
  • two million young people were educated via social media
  • care for over one million young people and women has improved

Download the STOP AIDS NOW! annual report 2015

Download the Aids Fonds annual report 2015