‘Face HIV Head-On’

December 24, 2015

Community-based volunteers are very instrumental in mobilising their communities to participate in community dialogues during the launch of Early Access to ART for All. One of the volunteers who played a pivotal role in preparing and conducting a community dialogue is Ms Thembelihle Emmett. ‘As women, we are mothers.’

When contributing to a women’s group discussion during a community dialogue in Mshingishingini, Ms Emmett urged that women need to pioneer the use of Early Access to ART for All services. ‘Note that behind every healthy and successful home there is a woman. Hence we need to face HIV head-on by ensuring that we live as good examples to our families.’

Community-based volunteer

‘Taking an HIV test is a good start and, if the virus is found in your blood, enrol for the Early Access to ART for All services. We appreciate the Ministry of Health for bringing HIV treatment closer to us. Before it was at a distant clinic. Having these services here at Mshingishingini is even better. As a community-based volunteer, I will mobilise my fellow community members boldly, considering that free services are within our reach. This is a good move for the health of our families and the entire community of Mshingishingini.’

This article was published in the MaxART newsletter edition 7 - December 2015