Fact Sheets on Volunteer Management

Aidsfonds (previously STOP AIDS NOW!) developed a set of four Fact Sheets on volunteer management in the context of HIV prevention and life skills programmes, to support organisations working with volunteers.

Volunteer management

The success of HIV prevention and life skills programmes largely depends on volunteers who work with young people in schools and communities. Issues such as recruitment and selection, retention, performance, and motivation of the volunteers have a large bearing on the quality of services provided by the volunteers.

During Aidsfonds (previously STOP AIDS NOW!)’s Prevention Project in Zimbabwe (2008 - 2011), the participating organisations identified ‘volunteer management’ as one of the three tracks to focus on in their intervention programmes. The volunteer management track is about gathering existing knowledge and expertise to use as input for developing fact sheets for recruitment, training, motivation, and supervision as well as a policy for improved volunteer management.

Fact sheets

The partners in Zimbabwe developed a set of four Fact Sheets on volunteer management which address the following topics:

  • Volunteer Recruitment – This refers to the way in which an organisation attracts and invites volunteers who are willing to assist the organisation to fulfill its mission and achieve its objectives.
  • Volunteer Induction and Training – This is the important process of introducing volunteers to the organisation, so that they clearly understand the organisation’s expectations and their roles.
  • Volunteer Support and Motivation – This is about the assistance given to volunteers, both materially and morally, which will influence volunteers’ level of motivation and the way in which they carry out the work required of them.
  • Volunteer Supervision – Supervision is about ensuring the effective and efficient use of time and resources and ensuring quality services to project beneficiaries, which is particularly important in cases of large numbers of volunteers within a project.

The Fact Sheets provide information and guidance to organisations working with youth, and give suggestions and practical examples related to working with volunteers.