Aidsfonds (previously STOP AIDS NOW!) raises funds to implement projects and programmes in developing countries, to raise public awareness, and to globally influence policies on HIV and AIDS.

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Your support saves lives

In 2016, the income of Aidsfonds including STOP AIDS NOW! was € 39,1 million. We raised and spent our money in the following way:

Income in 2016: € 39,1 million
10% Third-party initiatives – € 4,0 million
31% fundraising – € 12,1 million
59% Government grants - € 22,9 million
0% Other income – € 0,04 million

Expenditure in 2016: € 40,2 million
8% Objective 1: more people tested – € 3,1 million
35% Objective 2: Fewer barriers – € 13,1 million
40% Objective 3: Strong civil society – € 14,5 million
6% Objective 4: More scientific knowledge – € 2,3 million* 
11% Marketing and Communications: awareness raising - € 4,0 million

The difference between income and expenditure is a consequence of the fact that funding for main programmes – such as MaxART – is received once at the beginning of the project, but expenditures are spread over several years.

*Research on needs and impact of our activities is always integrated in all projects and therefore included in objectives More people tested, Fewer barriers and Strong civil society.

CBF Seal of Approval for good causes

Aidsfonds has the CBF Seal of Approval. With this seal of approval, you as a donor can be sure that your gift will be used responsibly. One of the requirements for the seal is that own fundraising costs are no higher than 25%. In other words, no more than 25 euro cents may be spent to raise 1 euro. In 2014, STOP AIDS NOW! spent 19 cents on this, staying below the level set by the Central Bureau of Fundraising.

In addition, since 2011 Aidsfonds is ISO 9001 certified, the international standard for quality management and customer satisfaction.