Health in the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Framework

March 23, 2014

Mapping the way forward for the goal, targets, indicators and key principles

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are expiring at the end of 2015. Discussions are now ongoing on what the new goals, targets, indicators and key principles should look like for the new Post-2015 Sustainable Development Framework.

STOP AIDS NOW! has played an important role in the different consultations, ensuring harmonized messages and recommendations between organisations and partners working in the field of HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria as well as liaising with broader health and development organisations and networks at global level. 

A strong and outcome-focused health goal

We have written a discussion paper to inform future discussions around a new health goal, targets and indicators for the new Post-2015 Framework. We believe that the post-2015 framework must include a strong and outcome-focused health goal, formulated along the lines of ensuring healthy lives at all ages. Universal health coverage should be seen as a key mechanism for achieving the health goal. The targets that we propose centre around:

  • Ensuring universal access to healthcare
  • Financial risk protection
  • Ending preventable morbidity and mortality
  • Enabling healthy behaviour and tracking subjective wellbeing.

Our discussion paper provides policy makers and representatives of UN agencies and civil society with recommendations on how to work towards the formulation of more harmonised, concrete and measurable Post-2015 targets and indicators on health, including HIV and AIDS.