HIV and the workplace

Aidsfonds (previously STOP AIDS NOW!) promotes managing HIV in the workplace, including the reduction of HIV related stigma and increased access to health services. We facilitate and support capacity building on these issues in Africa and Asia. Moreover, our lobby encourages donors and the private sector worldwide to scale up efforts in this field.

Our approach

Civil society organisations work hard to tackle poverty and injustice, but their work is threatened by HIV and its effects. HIV causes higher costs and lower productivity due to:

  • More staff absences, due to employees being ill, looking after relatives, and attending funerals and grieving;
  • Higher staff turnover, and loss of skilled labour and institutional memory, because staff leave due to illness or death;
  • Lower morale, due to the psychological impact of illness and death, having to do absent colleagues’ jobs, and stigmatisation; and
  • Aggravation of poverty and undermining civil society organisations’ ability to tackle poverty.

Managing HIV enables organisations to minimise the costs of HIV and to protect their productivity. By reducing stigma in the workplace, encouraging voluntary counselling and testing, and supporting access to care and treatment, organisations support their HIV-negative staff to stay negative, and their HIV-positive staff to stay healthy. STOP AIDS NOW! stimulates civil society organisations to manage HIV in the workplace, by supporting them in developing and implementing a workplace policy and action plan for their staff.

Effects pilot project "Managing HIV in the workplace"

In 2005, Aidsfonds (previously STOP AIDS NOW!) started the project Managing HIV and AIDS in the Workplace in Uganda, India and Ethiopia. Working with local implementing partners, the project helped over 150 CSOs to reduce the impact of HIV and AIDS on their organisations. Read about the effects on organisations and employees...

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