Our internal organisation

Our internal organisation

The staff and central services and resources are grouped together in an umbrella organisation for reasons of cost efficiency and creation of intrinsic added value (knowledge sharing, staff mobility, etc.). There is a strong internal integration of Aidsfonds and Soa Aids Nederland Internally, there is extensive collaboration, joint services, joint management and one Supervisory Board. The internal organisation (management, quality policy, human resources policy, facility policy and supervision) is largely the same for the entire operational organisation. Externally, Aids Fonds and Soa Aids Nederland promote themselves with separate strategies and resources.

International advisory committee

Aidsfonds has an external international advisory committee which provides advice to our board on our international projects:

Chair and members
Femke Halsema (chair)
Yvonne Wilders
Cees 't Hart
Wiet de Bruijn
Roek Lips
Frank Miedema
Henry de Vries MD PhD
Yolanda Weldring
Anna Zakowicz

Jorrit Kabel

Board of Directors

Louise van Deth

Management Team:
Stefanie van der Bruggen, Manager Communication & Fundraising
Febe Deug, Manager Policy & Programs
Irene Keizer, Manager Policy and Grants