STOP AIDS NOW! believes in joint action with partners across the world. Collaboration is key in bringing the AIDS pandemic to a halt.

We believe in joint action

The extent, complexity, and far-reaching consequences of AIDS necessitate collaboration across borders. Collaborative actions enables us to work at the crossroads of HIV and poverty reduction, and ensures quality improvement. Therefore, in 2000, Aids Fonds and four Dutch development cooperation organisations, Cordaid, Hivos, ICCO and Oxfam Novib, joined forces and founded STOP AIDS NOW! We work together with governments, companies, non-governmental organisations, universities, and the general public, while the combined networks within STOP AIDS NOW! give us access to about 2,000 organisations in developing countries.

We are matchmakers

To ensure the effectiveness of initiatives, STOP AIDS NOW! encourages partnerships between parties who do not usually work together, such as local government bodies, policy makers, local organisations, companies, and individuals. We can easily connect to local grass roots organisations as well as to high-level policy makers, international firms, and politicians. This leads to innovation and the melt down of restricting dogmas. We remove obstacles and thus discover innovative working methods. 

Community involvement

The AIDS response in developing countries requires a specific approach. We are faced with challenges such as stigmatisation and discrimination. Evidently, the most effective way to arrive at solutions is to closely collaborate with those we target: the local communities. Because community members themselves are the experts on their needs, sensitivities, challenges as well as successful and failing methods, we attach great value to working with people at community level. An example is the partnership within the MaxART project of the government of Swaziland, researchers, networks of people living with HIV, national and local organisations, and communities, which jointly aim to bring to a halt the AIDS epidemic in Swaziland.

Read the position paper on community systems strengthening which we developed in collaboration with Stop AIDS Alliance 

Our primary partners

  1. Aids Fonds, Cordaid, Hivos, ICCOOxfam Novib
  2. Stop AIDS Alliance
  3. International HIV/AIDS Alliance
  4. GNP+
  5. Rutgers WPF
  7. University of Amsterdam
  8. IDS


STOP AIDS NOW! is also actively involved in a large number of networks. Click here for an overview...