How to increase the quality of SRHR education programmes for youth? Planning & Support tool launched

October 18, 2016

Rutgers and STOP AIDS NOW! are launching the second edition of the Evidence and Rights-based Planning and Support Tool for Empowering Approaches to SRHR Education and Interventions with Young People.

In order to improve young people’s SRHR status worldwide and fast track the HIV/AIDS response we need to have high quality SRH education and HIV prevention for youth in place.  Professor Dr. Sheila Dinotshe Tlou, UNAIDS Regional Director of Eastern and Southern Africa, was offered the first copy of the revised Planning and Support Tool at  the IAS Conference in Durban, July 2016. She emphasized again the importance of quality SRHR education and HIV prevention programmes for youth and to use this tool for applying existing evidence for making programs effective and ensure young people are empowered to make own decisions and access SRH services, exercise responsible citizenship and help create an enabling environment.

This practical Planning and Support Tool helps organisations to identify how and what they can improve in order to have high quality programmes in place. The fully revised and updated second edition of the tool captures all up to date research findings, helps in applying new, effective proven approaches and translate evidence for practical use. You can download a copy at: or

What’s the new evidence?

  • Be explicit about power and gender and help create an enabling environment
  • Focus on empowerment; self-esteem, self-confidence and agency are pre-conditions for young people to take their own development and sexual life more in own hands.
  • Involve young people via youth participation and increase citizenship for encouraging young people to stand up for their rights in their own communities and help and advocate for creating an enabling environment.
  • Broaden goals beyond health. Include a focus on the real needs of young people and aim on quality of life, including sexual health and wellbeing.
  • Apply gender-transformative working as it is one of the most effective preconditions for achieving quality of life and a better SRHR status of youth. 

Training on the P&S Tool in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya

In 2016 and 2017 Master Trainers in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya will help train and support CSOs on quality of SRHR education and HIV prevention for youth (through Amplify Change grant). If you want a training of already equipped Master Trainers, receive support or just want more information please contact Centre of Study of Adolescence (CSA) in Kenya Vilmer Nyamongo  or or