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    Planning and Support Tool for Empowering Approaches to SRHR Education with Young People

    This evidence and rights-based Planning and Support Tool helps organisations to identify how and what they can improve in order to have high quality HIV prevention and SRHR education programmes for young people in place. The fully revised second edition of this practical tool captures all up to date research findings and translated this evidence for practical use. The tool can be used to plan new interventions, but also to analyse existing interventions. The first edition of the tool is also available in French and Portuguese. more

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  • Good practices in promoting workplace wellness

    This booklet outlines the positive development of workplace wellness programmes, which have grown out of the need for organisations to mitigate the impact of HIV on their performance. It provides an overview of some good practices in Zimbabwe and South Africa that demonstrate the range of approaches and possibilities in establishing workplace wellness programmes, whether in formal enterprises or in community-based organisations working with grassroots members. more

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  • Working together for change: Making developmental partnerships work

    Some lessons from the STOP AIDS NOW! South African partnership. Because we believe that partnership can be an important vehicle for increasing the effectiveness of developmental work, this document seeks to share our lessons about making partnership work. We hope that these lessons can help others who are contemplating starting, strengthening or supporting developmental partnerships, as well as those already actively involved in them. more

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  • 4Life Facilitators: Strengthening the resilience of vulnerable children

    For three years the concept of 4Life Facilitators was tested by members of the STOP AIDS NOW! South African partnership. This pamphlet shares what we have learned about the impact of this work. We believe that 4Life Facilitators, can be an important part of creating a a world where children are able to grow in to their very best possibility. We therefore encourage you to implement and support this simple and cost-effective intervention, both in your own community and as a national approach to child well-being. Source: STOP AIDS NOW! more

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  • The Journey of Hope - Creating a Network of Care

    A booklet on creating a Network of Care for vulnerable children. A Network of Care is an approach that seeks to raise awareness and a sense of responsibility within various stakeholder groups of a local community to identify vulnerable children and respond to their needs. Also available in French. Source: STOP AIDS NOW!, CI, CIE more

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  • Synthesis report: JLICA - Strengthening Families

    The Joint Learning Initiative on Children and HIV/AIDS is an independent, time-limited network of researchers, practitioners, policymakers, community leaders and people affected by HIV. This report presents the key findings and recommendations of the Learning Group "Strengthening Families". more

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