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    Planning and Support Tool for Empowering Approaches to SRHR Education with Young People

    This evidence and rights-based Planning and Support Tool helps organisations to identify how and what they can improve in order to have high quality HIV prevention and SRHR education programmes for young people in place. The fully revised second edition of this practical tool captures all up to date research findings and translated this evidence for practical use. The tool can be used to plan new interventions, but also to analyse existing interventions. The first edition of the tool is also available in French and Portuguese. more

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  • Improving SRHR education by using the Train the Trainers approach in sub-Saharan Africa

    In twelve African countries Train the Trainer approaches have been rolled out in order to improve the quality of SRHR education and HIV prevention interventions for young people. Aim of this evaluation study is to assess how the Train the Trainers approach contributes to the quality of SRHR programmes for young people. more

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  • Annual review 2015 - Quality of SRHR and HIV prevention programmes for youth project

    In 2011, STOP AIDS NOW! And Rutgers developed an intervention to strengthen and support African CSOs to work towards evidence-based SRHR education and HIV prevention for young people. The intervention aims to contribute to the reduction of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV transmission and promote SRHR for young people. Many successes have been achieved. In three year, 142 CSOs were reached by 47 trained trainers. This is the third and final narrative report. more

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  • Synthesis report of the rapid assessment of adolescent and HIV programme context in five countries

    The assessment process described in this report was designed to support countries to strengthen the adolescent component of their national HIV programmes. Through the review of existing data on HIV, health and development in adolescents the assessments are a systematic way to identify equity and performance gaps affecting adolescent HIV programming. more

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  • The use of new ICTs to support HIV and sexual health, targeting youth and adolescents - case studies and report

    The case studies aim to highlight the use, potential and impact of ICTs in sexual and reproductive health and HIV interventions targeting adolescents and young people. This report highlights the lessons learnt from the identified case studies, and illustrate the role of innovation in the use of ICT for HIV prevention. The report serves as a useful learning guide for future design and implementation of future programming on HIV and sexual health among adolescents. more

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  • More Access Better Quality

    Reflections of a Regional Linking and Learning Expert meeting with a hundred people, from 18 different countries. With all kinds of backgrounds and expertise, but working with and for young people and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and HIV prevention. Through this event we had the opportunity to link policy and practice. For three days we discussed and shared on topics, such as: what are the most urgent issues? What do we need to be doing? And what should we no longer do to ensure young people can make their own choices regarding sexuality and HIV prevention? The meeting was a mix of practical workshops and plenary presentations on policies and trends on regional and international level. more

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