STOP AIDS NOW! launches project to improve uptake of quality HIV and reproductive, maternal and newborn health services in Malawi

August 12, 2013

The Clinton Health Access Initiative and STOP AIDS NOW! are proud to announce the launch of a project. The project seeks to increase demand and uptake of HIV and reproductive, maternal and newborn health (RMNH) services by improving the quality of those services. The Project will work with the Lilongwe District Health Officer and Health Management Team as well as managers and providers at health centers in three health areas of Lilongwe District, Mitundu health area, Area 25 primary level facility, and Kawale Hospital. There will also be collaboration with Kamuzu Central Hospital.

About CHAI

CHAI operates in Malawiwith a vision to strengthen health systems in order to enhance the prevention,care and treatment of HIV/AIDS in cooperation with the Ministry of Health andother partners. CHAI seeks to gain a detailed understanding of local contexts,strong partnerships with stakeholders, and trusted relationships withgovernment partners to create an ideal position from which to efficiently andeffectively facilitate policy changes and on‐the‐ground implementation. Building on the investments in prevention, careand treatment of HIV and AIDS as well as health systems strengthening, andunderstanding the importance of integrated approaches, CHAI in Malawi is alsolooking at addressing MDGs 4, 5 and 6 (and the nutrition component of MDG 1;with CHDI complementarity on poverty alleviation).

National level work focuses on assisting the Government's MOH to developnational policies and guidelines relating to HIV, RH and MNCH. CHAI's districtlevel operations are aimed at demonstrating scale and quality of serviceprovision for HIV testing, counselling and initiation. CHAI also takes qualityfactors such as training and mentorship, clinic flow, patient identificationand follow up into consideration. CHAI also focuses on laboratory systemsstrengthening, human resources for health, paediatric nutrition scale up andquality improvement efforts, new vaccine introduction, resource tracking, andmapping and developing strategies for sustainable health financing. 


STOP AIDS NOW! is an independent and partnership-driven organization, founded in 2000 by Aids Fonds and four Dutch development organisations: Cordaid, Hivos, ICCO, and Oxfam Novib. Our aim is to expand and enhance the quality of the Dutch contribution to the AIDS response in developing countries.

STOP AIDS NOW! operates at the crossroads of fighting poverty, eliminating exclusion, and responding to the AIDS epidemic in countries with a generalised epidemic. We particularly focus on women, youth, and children.

STOP AIDS NOW! offers care, treatment and income opportunities to those affected by HIV and AIDS, and supports prevention initiatives. We do this by supporting projects using learning by doing approach, sharing knowledge and expertise, and by using local level results to influence international policies and governments.

For further information please contact:

Jennifer Bushee
Senior Advisor, Gender and SRHR
Mobile: +31633333018