Stories of change from Malawi

August 4, 2016

Six stories about the results of the Healthy Young People project in Malawi, told by teachers and health care workers who were part in the project, are captured in a comic strip.

Young people in Malawi account for 50% of new HIV-infections. The comprehensive knowledge on HIV among them is less than 43%. And only 13% of them ever used youth friendly health services.

The Healthy Young People project in Malawi, that concluded earlier this year, worked towards a supportive sexual and reproductive health environment. It aimed at improving young people's uptake of youth friendly services in two regions. Teachers learned to talk openly about sexuality, health care workers started to understand the realities on the ground and created a supportive environment for young people in school, at the clinic and in the community.

Six stories about the most important lessons learnt of the project, told by healthcare workers and teachers who were part of the project, are illustrated by a Malawian strip cartoonist.

The stories of change are available for download.

Interested to know more? Feel free to contact Miriam Groenhof, Senior Advisor Prevention for Youth at STOP AIDS NOW! Or find more information about the project on our website.

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