Training for partners of the Youth Empowerment Alliance of ASK programme

May 22, 2014

Last month 25 staff members of 8 different organisations attended a training focussing on quality of SRHR and HIV prevention programmes for youth. The organisations are part of the Access to Services and Knowledge programme (ASK). “I realized how important it is to do a stakeholder analysis”.

Kenneth Danuo is ASK coordinator in Ghana and participated in the training. Kenneth: "This training is extremely important to the ASK partners because they are working for and with young people to improve young people's sexual and reproductive health. Besides it strengthens ASK partners' ability to improve the quality of their projects for young people."

Mohammed Awal Abdallah, one of the staff trained, explains what the training was about: "The first two days in the training we discussed how to analyse health problems, identify key stakeholders and behaviours that contribute to the health problems. On the third day we focused on the causes and linked this to objectives. Finally we have done exercises on SRHR. What are rights of young people? How can we talk openly about sexuality? How can we meaningfully involve young people?"

The training makes use of the Planning & Support tool. This tool can provide organisations guidance to analyse and reflect on their own programme. The four-day training ended with the development of a Plan of Action for each organisation. Staff discussed how they could integrate lessons learned in their day to day work.

The participants were enthusiastic. Emmanual Ashong: "An insight for me is that we need to be specific what problems and behaviours we are addressing, to be able to tackle the root causes. As well as being clear who our target group exactly is". "And we need to address all the causes, and not just one", Mathilda adds. Clara Atsu-Djadou working for Planned Parenthood Association Ghana: "I realized how important it is to do a stakeholder analysis".

"The most essential part of the training for me is the action planning stage. When partners position themselves to put into practice what they have learnt using the Planning & Support tool to analyse the quality of their current intervention or develop a new one", says Kenneth.  

Are you interested in the training and curious to know more? Please read the overview of the training session. Or contact Miriam Groenhof, senior advisor prevention for youth at STOP AIDS NOW!

STOP AIDS NOW! is part of ASK. The youth empowerment alliance aims to improve the SRHR of young people (15-24 years) by increasing young people's uptake of SRH services. We provide technical support to implementing organisations in the ASK programme. ASK partners are local organisations who implement programmes in Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Senegal, Pakistan and Indonesia, and support young people to make healthy and informed decisions. 

This article has been published in the STOP AIDS NOW! e-news May 2014