What's in it for me?

March 1, 2017

Swaziland’s ambition is to increase access to HIV services. Communicating the benefits of these services is essential. What’s in it for me? Will it be a waste of my time? Is the treatment good for me? The Test & Start communications strategy will inform the government’s approach on the national roll-out.

To be successful, Test & Start needs appropriate messages and channels for different target groups, namely people living with  HIV, health providers and the general public. The messaging is guided by the communications strategy of the study conducted by MaxART and Médecins Sans Frontières. For example, bus stickers were reported more effective than posters. This was discovered
when people indicated the stigma associated with reading a public poster on HIV. It was felt that everybody reads a message  inside a bus during the trip. So, over time, interventions have been adapted to be more in-line with prevailing circumstances. 

Test & Start communications strategy

All lessons learned will contribute in informing the national Test & Start communications strategy. In addition, Early Access to Art for All information materials, such as brochures, are being adapted to fit the government's strategy. What's more, MaxART's Communications Associate is a member of the Test & Start Communications Task Team. 

This article was published in the MaxART newsletter 9th edition, February 2017